Hi Jenny,

I thought I'd send you an update of my beautiful girl Poppy from Broken Hill. The photo is her on her 5 month birthday on the 1st of this month, she is growing into a perfect girl and we all love her so much. Thanks so much for her, she has also just graduated puppy preschool and is very intelligent and easy to train despite being quite naughty as well haha. We are looking at getting a 2nd dog next year so I will see what puppies you have available then :)

Thanks again, Lauren 

Hi Jenny

We took Scout into town to the city market tonight. You have no idea how many people stopped to ask what sort of dog he was, how old he was, could they pat him? He was picked up by complete strangers and cuddled. Parents telling kids to look at the walking teddy bear. Old couples saying he looked like a miniature alpaca. We were stopped by a tour guide (with her tour group in tow!) to ask what breed he was, how big he would grow. If you have business cards, send me some, I'll take them next time we go out!!! People were just admiring him and we could just hear, oos and ahhs as we walked, it was really quite funny. I even asked a girl if she wanted us to stop because she was walking alongside us trying to take a photo!

Our kids were very happy carrying him too when it was too much for him. They very proudly answered questions about him, letting him get pats. He was so calm and good on the lead too.

Truely happy Bordoodle owner


Hi Jenny,

Just thought that you might like to see a photo of Tuppance on her 1st Birthday, which was yesterday.  The candle on her cupcake was a milky stick. 
She is an absolute delight and she has brought us so much unconditional love. We would be completely lost without her.
Once again thank you for our adorable Shoodle, Tuppance.
Hope that you and Lewis are fine and that everything is going well with you both.

Love Di and Ian,  and of course Tuppance 

Lewis and Jenny's Designer Dogs - Elise and Michael

Hi Jenny and Lewis, 

We are so happy with Greg, he is so heathly and happy and he certainly loves his food.

Thanks, Elise and Michael 


Hi Jen

Well it has been a week almost since we picked up our little boy Jango.. I have forgotten what it is like having a new pup..
The girls were very surprised about his so called early arrival and were extatic..
Below are photos of both Aiyana and Lydia on the day they were introduced..
He has settled in well and is now showing signs of settling in.. Seems to be into the fad of grinding his teeth on rocks, bricks and anything super hard!..

Suzy Lelov
Lewis and Jenny Designer Dogs - Harry

Hi Jenny and Lewis,
Just wanted to let you know I have a amazing new home. They spoil me rotten but I deserve it. I sleep all night well till 4ish n go to toilet outside. I getting lamb loin chop for dinner and so much love. I eat better than jasie he says I sent you a photo of me so you don't forget me. We will talk again soon. 

Paws for now,


Lewis and Jenny Designer Dogs - Mel

Hi Jenny!
Glad you liked the last pics- of course you can use them on your website! Make sure you send me the link once it's up and running! Here are a few more recent pics of George- he is such a hoot and loves going for walks!

Mel :)

Lewis and Jenny's Designer Dogs - Sarah and Pete

Hi Lewis & Jenny!!
I hope this email finds you well!! I just thought I'd send you some pics of the fur-babies as promised!! We are absolutely smitten with Louie & Lola and have thoroughly enjoyed having them in our lives! There's a pic of them after their first grooming, after they graduated from puppy-preschool and some photos of them in their new tracksuits. Hope you have a giggle and enjoy looking at them! Thank you again so very much for everything. We are so in love with them and can't thank you both enough for bringing them into our lives!

Kind regards,
Sarah & Pete Stiling :)

Lewis and Jenny Designer Dogs - Emma-Kate

Hi Jenny and Lewis,
We just wanted to say a big thank you for the great job you have done with the puppies. Our little one Ruby is beautiful. You have done a great job. She has only had one accident inside the whole time. She is very loved, especially by my husband who was the reluctant one to begin with.

Thank you again.
Emma-Kate Callaghan

Lewis and Jenny's Designer Dogs - Veronica O'Neill
Hi Jenny,
I wanted to provide you with an update on our 2 gorgeous boys who just turned 1. 
There are cuddly, naughty, full of energy, and so much fun and are getting on together really well. I have had some people talk to me about 'litter mate syndrome' but have been able to disprove this theory with these 2 little gems. 
Otis (7.5kg) is the cream one and Teddy (10kg) is the darker one.

Kind Regards,
Veronica O'Neill :)